BSV – niezawodne akcesoria do żurawi HMF

BSV – solid crane accesories

This year, the BSV brand celebrates its 60th anniversary. For this occasion, we have prepared a unique interview with our reliable business partner. We invite you to read

BSV is a reliable partner of the HMF Polska. The company was established in 1960 and specializes in developing, producing and selling lifting equipment for cranes. What can we find in your product range?

BSV products are divided into 4 main categories: mechanical scissor grabs, crane forks, hydraulic grabs and electro-hydraulic grabs for WTE sector.
As a BSV customer, you can expect high quality products and solutions, as we have more than 60 years of experience and a big know-how with employees who have been working in the company between 5-40 years.

And the best selling product is…?

All our products are selling good and which kind og products we sell most depends on what our customers and their markets demand. Some of our products can be used in some markets, while they are not suitable on the other markets depending on the infrastructure and the ways of work.

What distinguishes BSV products from the products of competing brands?

BSV products are known for the high quality and many years of durability. We still have customers calling and asking for a spare parts for BSV lifting equipment more than 20 and 30 years old.
We control the whole manufacturing, which is placed in Vejen, Denmark, and thereby all our products are 100% made in Denmark.
We have our own developing and technical department offering expertise and advice throughout the whole process and we also offer our customers options to customize their products. All our products are tested before delivery and are supplied with full documentation.

In which industries are BSV products present?

We offer a range of high quality products to entrepreneurs, the concrete industry, builder’s merchants, industrial companies and WTE sector.
For example we offer scissor grabs for lifting concrete elements, road traffic barriers, pipes, concrete Lego blocks, road noise barriers, etc..
It also depends on how things are handled. There can be a national difference in handling materials. E.g. we sell more pallet forks to the markets where the goods are palletized and more grabs to the markets where palletization is not so common.

How does your sales network looks like? In how many countries is BSV present?

We are a local Danish company operating globally. Our products are sold abroad through a network of international dealers and we are represented in e.g. Scandinavia, Finland, Poland, UK, Holland, France, Canada, Middle East, Australia, etc.

How big is the production plant and how many people work in the company?

Over the years, the history of the company, materials and production methods have changed a lot. We use production techniques as laser technique and newer and stronger materials, which gives new opportunities. We also work together with subsuppliers, who are specialized in different manufacturing techniques, which gives even more effeciency.

Jasna what are you doing in BSV? What’s your responsibillities? How your team looks like?

I have been working for BSV the past five years. I am responsible for our company´s marketing and in close cooperation with our director and the owner of the company, Flemming Jensen, we make decisions of what to do to brand our business.
I am also involved in sales and fairs and I am very happy for the team of people with whom I am working.
We are happy at BSV for having the right team of people working together and having a strong working relationships. That is also one of the strengths of our organization, that we work for each other and not against each other.

Do you plan to extend your offer in the near future? If so – what products?

Actually, we are expanding our product range all the time and we make many customized solutions. We are listening to our customers and we never know what the next type of e.g. a scissor grab could be as new types of elements continuously come on the market. We have made many special products during the past 60 years and we will continue doing that.

What is the plan for the coming years?

We are already represented in many countries, but we would like to expand into new markets and increase market share on existing markets through innovation and strengthening customer relationships, which we also hope to do with HMF Polska.
We will continue being a serious partner to our loyal customers and new and potential business partners, keeping focus on quick and competent service​ and high quality products.

We are working on projects like automatization of productivity and digitalization to give more opportunities and support to our existing customers. These are ongoing projects and we expect to realize some of them during 2021. We will continue doing our best to keep our business relevant in very fast changing times.

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